Thrive with Glenn Harrold

Thrive 003 - Let Go Of Fear

July 14, 2020 Glenn Harrold Season 1 Episode 3
Thrive with Glenn Harrold
Thrive 003 - Let Go Of Fear
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Glenn offers the perfect remedy to what has been a crazy week for the world with a taster of his track Let Go of Fear in 8D sound. Reclaim your power as you listen to a wonderfully orchestrated meditation, which has been designed to help you let go of fear and worry and connect with your inner peace and happiness.

This week Glenn discusses choosing a higher vibrational existence and how mindfulness helped him get there. He touches on some current hot topics such as the QAnon movement and the battle between light and dark forces being played out in the world. 

In this era of misinformation we are urged to seek truth now more than ever, whether it be within ourselves or in the external world. Glenn explains how we must use our free will to make the right decisions and gives examples of how he cleared his ego and negative disfunctions earlier on in his life and started to align himself with a higher vibration. 

The episode finishes with a shorter, edited remix of the full Let Go of Fear meditation and boasts 8D sound effects which pan in front and behind you when using headphones. So sit back, relax and let Glenn melt away any fear and anxiety and connect with your inner power!

Hello to you all, this is my third podcast, great to have you back. I will be talking about what’s going on in the world with a meditation at the end. There we go, lets fade my funky music I wrote years and years ago that we discovered recently as it works perfectly for this podcast, sounds nice as an introduction. 

So yeah, what's been going on in the world? It's been a crazy couple of weeks hasn’t it and before I start talking about that what I’m going to do in this podcast, I'm going to be kind of talking about what has been going on in the world a little bit with this one and also at the end I'm going to be offering another meditation that kind of helps you to cope with the things that are going on in the world. All the fear in the anxiety and worry that kind of thing, so there's no substitute for going inside and connecting with a really good meditation, coming out the monkey mind, dropping down into that deep state where you can really empower yourself.

So that's the way I'm going to go at the moment with these podcasts just to give you that remedy at the end so you can really reclaim your power. 

Since the day we were born and sent to make choices that are aligned with the light aligned with the dark and you in my life. 

I've made choices when I was younger when I did align with the dark in some ways, I was very, wild, I was a very wild kid when I was young. I ran with in a skinhead punk gangs when I was young and got into lots of scraps was getting arrested by the police. I took lots of drugs you know drank myself into oblivion so badly that by the time I got to 17, I had hepatitis. I woke up one day and my skin was yellow and the doctor told me that if I didn't stop drinking, I’d be dead within 18 months and I was just 17 at the time.

So it was a bit of a wake-up call for me and it got me out of that, got me away from the darker side of life. And, you know, I then joined a band and created some positive things in my life. It took me away from the streets, but you know I was very unconscious back then, as a young kid you. 


I was just making choices, purely from my ego and self gratification, that kind of being and it took me down some very dark roads, so I'm glad I’ve got that contrast now because as I got older I became a therapist and worked on myself from the inside out. I cleared a lot of dysfunction, moved forward a lot and yet now I align myself with the light, higher vibrational things and I only want to do that for the rest of my life. 


I have no interest in being around people that have a dark energy or doing things that are dark just, I find it quite repulsive now so I'm, you know, making those choices that are in alignment with the way that I want to live and the l life I want to live.


We've all got that power to make those choices. We got that free will. So in everything you ever do, every decision you make, it’s so important to be really in alignment with where you want to go, especially in this day and age. 


You see it everywhere, it's in everything, it’s pervasive isn’t it. So I just want to stay on the right path and I find that quite easy now because I feel I am very conscious and very aware and I've got a good grasp of my ego these days in the way I think. 


When I was younger I didn't realise that my ego was controlling me so much, so it's kind of out of my conscious awareness. So I could do things and justify bad things and you know because I wasn't aware. Not I did anything really bad, but I just was a typical wild, crazy teenager but now I've got a good understanding of the workings of the ego and how it can you know direct you in life and justify bad behaviour and that kind of thing.


A lot that came from, I have spoken about this a few times when I experienced Ayahuasca. It goes really deep into your unconscious with that, and you become very aware of your ego in and that's when you're deep in the plant medicine. You see your ego very clearly and see how it controls your manipulation in subtle ways and you also see the truth of your relationships with people.


It reveals everything and it brings to light all of your motivations and relationships, everything comes into the light it’s crystal clear in front of you and sometimes you see where you've been BS’ing yourself. You've been misleading yourself and justifying things that are not truthful and so that was good for me, ayahuasca was really powerful in that way in exposing my own shadow moments of darkness and subtle motivations, and it made me reset.


It made me really realign myself and the direction I took in life. From that point on and continued. I've got a good awareness now, but I want to take that to new levels all the time. I want to get clearer and not have this shadow stuff going on you know not so I check-in a lot and I do check in and see where there is anything going on a deep level.


Am I taking a wrong direction or is my ego is driving it? If ever I do go down a road I and I recognise it, that pulls me back and realigns me, so I think that's the beauty of having a conscious awareness around these things, you can really live a more refined life and a more truthful life. That's the key for me, be more authentic. 


That's the other thing, and especially now you know it's so important now to live an honest, authentic life where you know, as Gandhi said, in word, action and deed. 


So there's no hosting charity organisations and being mean to your wife and kids, or you have been nasty to other people. Your are living your truth. You have to be authentic from the inside out and to be totally in alignment with what you are the way you are projecting out to the world. 


So yeah, that's that key and I think when you come back to that, if you're always in that, then life is easy. You know you don't look over your shoulder. 


Years ago when I was young I was always looking over my shoulder thinking the cops were chasing me, or, you know, I was gonna get turned over for something or found out for something. That is no way to live, no way to live at all, you know, but now I don't have any of that. I have got really nice, clear conscious. 


It's a nice way to live, it’s peaceful, I wake up in the morning feeling good. I go to bed at night to sleep well feeling good knowing in my own small way I’m doing good in the world and it is a nice way to be, it is the only way to be. 


Aligning myself with the light, which is what I did. I made a conscious decision to do that and I think it's the most important thing we can do in the time we have on this planet to really align yourself with good things forces for the good and be good as well. 


Truly be good from the inside out that's what it's all about for me and I because then maybe we get to the end of this life and we've cleared a lot of karma. We've raised our vibration we've moved in a very good way in this life. Maybe the next life for be higher vibrational life where we won't have to come back and replay a lot of the darkness that we incarnated with and we move on.


We progress, that makes good sense to me that this life is like a graduation opportunity where you can go through it and really, you know do a lot of good and clear a lot of karma and raise your vibrational energy and have a ripple effect where you project out good into the world. It makes sense that if you do that, then you know the next part of your journey will be another part that you continue that path and inwardly because I certainly don't want come back into the same family dynamic that I incarnated within this life.


There’s a lot of karma to deal with, with family members and difficult times when I was a kid I got kicked out my home and slept on the streets and I don’t want to go through all of that again. I had hepatitis when I was 17 because I drank myself into oblivion. I was getting so drunk I would steer my bike all over the road and throw up in my bed when I was a kid and my God, no thanks. I don’t want to go through that again. 


I want a life where I'm happy, healthy, abundant, surrounded by conscious people, surrounded by real love you know. Love and proper care for yourselves and other people. A higher vibrational, beautiful existence. 


You I'm so lucky and I now live in Portugal, on the Algarve. I've got a beautiful little family and I’ve got that, I've got that wonderful, loving, nurturing family life that I always thought would never happen when I was young. But I finally got it at 58 and I’m their. It's a lovely life and I know it's because I've made a lot of good choices over the last 25 or 30 years that have gradually got me into a more happy and abundant life.


That's the key, it’s the choices you make now that can impact your life in five or ten years time. So be very mindful of that, be mindful of the choices you make here, the things you do, the people you're aligned with and I've no problems now.


I never get into relationships that are complicated or connect dark people or anything like that. It's just not something that I am into now. I did that a lot when I was young, you know, and now I have no trouble really cutting ties with people the I've grown out of sync with you. 


Even friends I have known from a young age, I have shifted you know, I have moved on and they're in the same place and you know, I've offered to help certain people at certain times for sure, you know you always want to do that.


You want the best for other people, but some people are not ready to move on and are jealous or bitter or whatever are there still stuck and they just refuse any help then sometimes you have just got to cut those ties. It is not good been around toxic people and I don't have any problem with doing that.


I love helping people, it is what I do for a living. I love helping people but at the same time I want to look after myself as well and I don’t want anything toxic or dark in my life. So sometimes you have to make those decisions you know and cut ties with people who are toxic and dark in some way and are not willing to move forward and help themselves. 

 So yeah, look at it with in an open mind and an open heart, and how you do that, how you do it, you discern information very correctly. But I would say that going into a state of self-hypnosis is where you where the truth lies for you. Really connect with your feelings when you're in a reading something on looking at something and try and decipher the truth in that you know your gut feelings your inner intuition will always guide you in the right way.


so going into a state of self hypnosis can really help you help you in that respect, to find the truth in things. So if you're if you're stuck at a crossroads, or you want to find out the truth in something just close your eyes, take a few deep breaths go inside. Go really deep inside and just clear your mind clear let go of the monkey mind. Let go of all thought. 


Drop down into that still centred space and ask for the truth, ask for guidance because it really will come to you. It will come from a very pure space from your higher your consciousness, your higher self, you will be guided and you will be able to take the right route and the right journey.


That’s something I’ve always done whenever I've been stuck on not knowing what way to go, I'll do that. I drop down into a state of self-hypnosis, I’ll do it regularly and not just once or twice, I will do it regularly until I get some clarity on the issue that I'm looking for  or guidance on. 


Your intuition and your inner guidance are the most valuable asset you have in this life. It will really be able to put you right and guide you in the right way.


So you can if you want to learn about self hypnosis I have a free guide to which you can download. It is actually in all of my apps if you have Relax & Sleep Well or any of my apps, you'll find the free guide in their. It’s also on all of my websites and the memberships site, which is 


You can download that guide and really learn how to use self-hypnosis to guide you correctly and to empower yourself and you need it. So that's the thing we've got in these crazy times of misinformation with so much going on and so much change and transformation going on.


You need to be working on your inner self as much as you can. So that's the guide and so I think this week I've got a really good recording that I've put out recently, I would say that when I am in on the author, but this is getting good feedback. We have a lot of nice feedback on this one. I did it because a lot of people were worrying about stuff and really fearful and anxious in this time, so I made a recording called Let Go of Fear and I did a full version which is about 45 minutes long and I put out a free version which is about 20 minutes long.


So I'm going to guide you into this now, this next recording is about Letting Go of Fear and really connecting with your higher consciousness, your higher self and reclaiming your power, that's what this recording is all about. 


So what I want you to do now, if you have headphones, put them on, get yourself nice and comfortable. Close your eyes and go with this recording and let it wash over you. The affirmations on this recording are in eight dimensional sound so if you got headphones on, they sound really dreamy and you can really absorb the affirmations deeply.


They move around the headphones from the front to the back, left and right, up and down. It's a really nice effect so I hope you enjoy this recording, please do give a like or comment on whatever platform you're listening to this podcast on because the more reviews I get on the podcast, the better it gets ranked so I really appreciate it when you leave those good comments and likes. 


And yeah, sail away with this 20 minute meditation and thank you for listening and I'll see you again next week. Take care.


So you can just close your eyes now. If you've not already done so and one of the best ways to clear your mind is through your breath. So focus all of your attention on your breathing now and begin to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth slowly and deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. 


Let go of all thought and connect with the feeling of your body as you breathe deeply. Be in the moment and be aware of the fresh air, filling your lungs as you breathe in and notice how good that feels.


With every out breath, breathe away any tension and relax more and more as you let it go. Now imagine you are breathing in through your heart chakra in the middle of your chest and as you breathe out now breathe out love. Project, a feeling of laugh out from your heart. Be aware of your body and the movement of energy that begins to flow through every Meridian and every chakra now. 


Just know that you are an energetic being, and by relaxing deeply you allow your energy fields to become active and to replenish and rejuvenate. Just continue to relax by breathing in and out through your heart chakra and feel yourself floating down into an ever deepening state of relaxation where your sensitivity is heightened and yet you are deeply relaxed. 


Now I want you to imagine a pure white light all around you, a healing protective white light surrounding your body and know that this is a white light of protection that keeps you energetically safe. As no negativity can penetrate that shield, so just connect with a feeling of safety now and imagine this pure strong white light engulfing you.


And as you continue to relax, go deeper still, and think about things that have caused you to feel fear and worry in your life. Imagine events or situations that have caused you to feel stress and anxiety and fear and view them now from a safe place as you feel very safe and secure. 


Now as you allow these things to come to the forefront. As you focus on these old fears and worries, connect again with the feelings that they once created and as you do this, start to breathe deeply again in through your nose and out through your mouth.


Bring these fearful feelings fully into your awareness and start to breathe them away as you breathe out. So let those fears come up, and with every out breath breathe away the fear and anxiety and stress associated with those fears, make each breath deeper and stronger and breathe away those old fears and worries as you breathe out.


Let go of all the negativity and stay in your own power now and I'll leave you for a short while to continue this process. 


Keep breathing away all fear from your past. Just allow your mind to go black, take a few deep breaths.


Now I want you to focus on the future and if you have any worries about the future, just breathe deeply again, in through your nose and out through your mouth whilst thinking about any worries you have about the future. Breathe away any negative thoughts or feelings associated with those worries. Just breathe away any fear around the future.


Really use your breath to release those feelings. Now you can bring your breathing back to normal and bathe in a sense of peace. Now I'm going to ask you to repeat some special affirmations with me, and as you repeat them, I want you to connect with positive feelings of joy and happiness, and believe these affirmations are a reality. 


So you repeat each affirmation with total acceptance, so ready. I release all feelings of fear and worry. I release all feelings of fear and worry, I release all feelings of fear and worry. I release all feelings of fear and worry.


From now on you will take so much more care of yourself and be very mindful of what you want, read and listen to us. These things influence the way that you think and feel and so you will only watch, read and listen to things that inspire and influence you positively. 


Things that are of a high vibration and when you do this you will raise your vibration and feel more uplifted, motivated and inspired. You will feel more aligned with all the good in life, you will feel much more loving and compassionate towards yourself and others and you will find it easy to forgive yourself for any past mistakes and learn from each and every experience, both positive and negative. 


You will express more gratitude for all of life's blessings and be more humble and connected to what's really in life as you deserve the very best that life has to offer and you will have a strong desire to learn more and to grow spiritually and to step into your full potential and experience so much more from this beautiful human incarnation that has been a gift to you from the divine.


If at any time during this meditation, any emotion has risen within you just know that this is part of the natural healing process and it's a positive thing because ultimately you will feel lighter and more liberated and free as you continue to do this work.


As you continue to clear and step into your power, you become the person you are supposed to be free of the baggage and conditioning that you picked up on your journey often from a young age, now is your time to shine and be who you are supposed to be.


So love and nurture yourself always and it's important to remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and it's a very heroic journey. Your soul chose this life so that it could progress and fulfil its divine agreement, so let go of any fear, love and respect yourself unconditionally. Be brave, strong and courageous and yet soft and kind when you need to be. Live your life to the four because that is how it's meant to be and I wish you all the very best on your journey, love, peace and best wishes to you.