Thrive with Glenn Harrold

Thrive 004 - Synchronicity, Ayahuasca & Healing

July 21, 2020 Glenn Harrold Season 1 Episode 4
Thrive with Glenn Harrold
Thrive 004 - Synchronicity, Ayahuasca & Healing
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Are you on a healing path and looking to move forward in your life? No matter how much you're struggling there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, so let the universe guide you. Glenn provides the answer this week for people who want to get in touch with mother earth and move in a divine direction. The episode finishes off with a recent remix of Meditation for Inner Wisdom. 

Glenn talks about his experiences with an ancient shamanistic medicine which has been used by tribes for millennia and how synchronicity has brought Ayahuasca back into his life. It is the inner work that really makes the difference in such a material world, so clear the negative energies in your field and work towards happiness and abundance because any one of us can do it. 

When you hear 'Meditation for Inner Wisdom', you will be guided through forest and into a clearing where you will connect with your inner knowledge and ascend into the constellation of Orion.

So lay back and relax and align your vibration with happiness and positivity because there is an abundant life waiting for you to step into, it's the universal truth!

Hello again, it's Glenn Harrold with my fourth podcast and in this podcast I am going to talk about synchronicity again and also finish with a meditation, something that I recorded years ago. It is still relevant now and still sounds goods, I actually remixed it recently so that is going to be the meditation.

It is called Meditation For Inner Wisdom and we can all do with a bit that can't we, so yeah synchronicity, I talked a little bit about it last week and I had a really synchronistic moment again yesterday. What it was, I had a BBQ to sell out in the garden, which I put on the local face bay and there was quite a bit of interest in. One of the people that was messaging me said he recognised my name and he knew my name from the film, The Time of the Sixth Sun. 

If you haven't seen The Time of the Sixth Sun, it's an amazing film about this awakening that we are going through now. It's got a really deep spiritual message in it, it's a powerful film, there's loads of high profile people in it, it's got Desmond Tutu, Greta Sachi narrates it. It is an amazing film and it was made over a period of about 10 - 12 years and I actually fill my little part for the film, about 10 years ago and any I was going through my Ayahuasca journeys.

At the time I was experiencing the plant medicine and so that's what I was talking about, so you know when the film came out last year I was the person in the film that was talking about Ayahuasca. So the gentleman that came to get my barbecue, he recognised me from the film and he actually runs Ayahuasca ceremonies just quite near to where I live here in Portugal.  

So I thought, as soon as he said he recognised me, we got chatting, I put everyone else off the said look you know this yours, you can come and buy the barbecue. It's yours, because I knew I'd have a common interest with this guy and he came along yesterday with his wife and we sat in the garden and we talked for about two hours almost before we had even looked to the barbecue. 

He was really interested in what I was doing and I was very interested in what he was doing and I'd been looking for another ceremonial opportunity because I feel like the medicine is calling me. I am very settled here in Portugal, we moved around a little bit over the last couple of years, but we feel kind of very settled now, so I felt the medicine calling me. And Hayhoe, I sell my barbecue and who comes along a guy that runs Ayahuasca ceremonies you know 20 minutes away up the road. 

Speaking to this fella, I really felt that he knew his stuff about it, he has run a lot of ceremonies over the years and has a lot of experience in holding these ceremonies. He also gets very, very good medicine from Peru because he originally did a number of ceremonies out there. So he's got very good contacts, and so I thought, wow, what a great piece of synchronicity.

I think it's never more easy to come by than, when you're looking to heal yourself and your looking to move forward and you are trying to raise your vibration, your consciousness to the next level you. I think when you're really committed to that, these opportunities come to you, these synchronicities sort of arrive out of nowhere and that's what's happened. 

So I'm really excited about meeting this fella and you know, going up to his place and experience a ceremony with him, yeah. So what an amazing bit synchronicity to happen, from selling a barbecue to tripping the light fantastic on another journey. You know, for those of you that don't know too much about Ayahuasca, I started on that journey about 12 years ago. 

I first read about it in Sting's biography and the first chapter in that book is all about Sting's journey down in Brazil I think it was. Where he experienced the plant medicine and had these amazing hallucinogenic's experiences and was able to heal a lot of his own shadow stuff. So from that point I was totally drawn to and I wanted to experience it.

So I was very lucky at the time to meet some good people who were running really good ceremonies and I journeyed with it a number of times back then. In more recent times, I have had a couple of experiences in the last few years that weren't good and there was one down in Marbella. 

I was living out there a couple years ago and there was a group running Ayahausca ceremonies along the coast in Marbella. I went to that one. There was about 30 people in the room, the shaman, they'd flown over from South America didn't look to engaged, he looked a bit bored to me. He sang the Icaro, the ceremonial stuff, but he wasn't fully engaged and it struck me as being quite a commercial set up and also the medicine that we drank was not very strong.

So I barely journeyed on it at all and I didn't purge at all, didn't have a really good experience with it. So that was a bit of a letdown. But on the positive side, it was a good eye-opener because it made me realise that, you know all Ayahuasca ceremonies are very different. If you're not in a very good space, that is held very well and the medicine is not strong, then you're not gonna really journey with it properly. 

So for me now that's something that I really look for and meeting this gent yesterday you know, that was the way to go for me. I felt that you know this can be a good experience that's what my gut intuition is telling me. 

So I think when you're on that path, when you're in the healing path and you're looking to move forward and it's really something that you're committed to, then opportunities will come along. They will arrive very easily and it doesn't have to be Ayahuasca it can be anything you know you will meet the right person at the right time who might recommend you to someone. 

So I think you know that's the key isn't it, wherever you are at in life, however stuck you feel, look for opportunities to come out of that and to find ways to heal and move forward. Because I think when you do that and you really commit to that, you will be guided, you'll be helped. You will channel the right information or people will come along at the right time for you.

Because you know, we are on this journey through this life that is very challenging and there's a lot of light and dark in the world at the moment and we are navigating our way through it all in. I really believe, I have read this before that this is a heroic incarnation, our souls are checked in at this time of light and dark and you know a lot of conflict in the world. 

All the things that are going on, we've rocked up at this time to be the best version of ourselves that we can be and to spread love and light in the world. Because of that, I think we've got a lot of help from our guides and angels in other dimensions, I really totally believe that. 

And so when you do, you know have the desire to progress and move forward, then you can be helped, you're going to be guided the right way. So yeah, keep the faith, always keep the faith. No matter how much you are struggling, how stuck you feel, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. But I think you've got a commit to that. You've gotta really be determined to take the steps to get to that point.

As I have spoken about in your other podcasts and webinars, that was my journey. You know I had a very, very troubled childhood, very dysfunctional, I had no qualifications, was kicked out of school when I was 15 and I struggled to hold down jobs even. But I had a real desire to get out of the hold that I was in. I didn't know how to do that, but I was very determined, one way or another to to take opportunities as they came along and you know.

So once I had found hypnotherapy later on in my late 20's, for the first time at I had this tool that was going help me to fix a lot of my dysfunctions and things that held me back. I grabbed it with both hands, I really did and I immersed myself in it and the healing path is something I've absolutely embraced from day one. 

I am still on that now, which is why, you know, when I have a chance to do another Ayahuasca ceremony comes along with the right people, I'll grab it with both hands. Because for me, I'll be able to peel away a few more layers, I'll get clearer, cleaner, lighter and I'll be able to you know traverse my way through this life a little bit easier.

You know, I'm very fortunate in a very abundant place at the moment, you have gone an amazing life in Portugal, I've got everything I want, a beautiful family, abundance everywhere, an amazing career, all the things that I dreamt about when I was struggling. 

But for me, I want to continue on the healing journey and get clearer and lighter still, because the rewards are so amazing. I think that's the whole point of this this life, it's to continue to do that, continue to raise your vibration, be kinder, compassionate and experience life more through your heart energy. When you do that, when you really start to do that, life is so sweet and things work for you.

There is an abundant life that anyone can step into, but it is really about aligning your vibration with that because when you do align your vibration with abundance and happiness, the high vibrational things in life, that is a natural thing happens to you. It's automatic when your vibration is aligned with that, it's a universal truth, you will experience those things in this life.

So I think that's the key and keep the faith. Keep working on yourself from the inside out. Keep the clearing work going, believe that you can manifest any kind of life that you want. You know, if somebody had told me, you know, when I was teenager that I would be living the life I'm living now. You know, well written the books for major publishers, sold 10 million recordings and I'm living in the most beautiful part of Europe that I could possibly live in and I'm surrounded by love and abundance and happiness. I'd have found that hard to believe back then because my life then was very dark. 

It was very low vibration. I got my kicks from drugs and one night stands and gambling are just low vibrational stuff that just held me back, it was cheap kicks and it was no life. I never had any opportunities back then, unsurprisingly, so I have experienced both ends of the spectrum, and I can tell you with total honesty and integrity that when you do the inner work life will change, it gets better and it gets better.

So there is no shortcut, you have to do that inner work, the clearing the healing and projecting out into the universe, the life that you want to live and where you want to be. The opportunities you want all of those things, so you know I was an averagely intelligent young kid who had nothing going for him at all was stark, flat broke, all of those things. 

I'm in a totally different world now, I can't tell you. So if I can do it, anyone can do it, so keep the faith and I'm gonna finish now and lead you into a meditation of mine called Meditation For Inner Wisdom. It's an old recording that I did a number of years ago and it's a really visual one that takes you through a forest into a clearing and you ascend up to the configuration of Orion.

I was always really fixated on Orion, I used to see at so much in the night sky. There was something about it, always calling me and I've since learned that Orion as a signpost for our way back home. So when we do check out leave this planet, we connect with that signpost and it takes us back to our place of origin, which I thought was really cool and it resonated with me. 

So yeah, that's what the meditation is all about, so I'm going to guide you into it, get yourself nice and comfortable, take a few deep breaths. This is a remix actually, I remixed it recently so it sounds a bit smoother than the original version, so enjoy do like this pod cast on whatever platform you're listening to. Leave a comment because they always help with the profile of the podcast. Thank you so much for listening and yeah, enjoy the meditation, take care.

Meditation Begins: 15:17

Just begin by breathing slowly and deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Very slowly and deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth. In a circular breathing motion and with every slow out breath, just breathe away any fear or negativity. 

Letting go. Just continue to breathe slowly and deeply, in a sturdy, rhythmical breathing pattern relaxing more and more as you do so. Now you can imagine you've stepped into a beautiful garden on a warm summer's evening. The sun is slowly setting, you look around and notice many colourful flowers which give off a pleasant aroma and you take a deep breath and breathe in the uplifting natural scent and relax the as you breathe out. 

You notice there are many tall elegant trees in this wonderful garden and you can hear the faint sound of birds singing as they wind down and prepare for the peace and still of night-time. As the daylight fades, you look up at the night sky and you can see there is a full moon tonight and you know this is a special moon, a harvest that will bring out the magic and creativity in you.

As you gaze at the moon, you notice the shapes and contours of the surface and you can see it has a strong yellow aura that shimmers and glows. As you pray in the light from the moon on this warm summer's evening you begin to feel more and more car and centred. The moon is big and bright in the night sky, it lights up the whole garden and after pausing for a moment you find yourself at the edge of a woodland with an inviting path in front of you. 

The light from the moon illuminates the woodland and you follow the path, knowing you are very safe and secure as you are protected by angelic forces. As you continue on your way you catch glimpses of the moon through the trees and everything feels right.

You feel connected to your higher self. 

Nearby you can see a small lake, you wander to the edge of the lake and gaze at the cool, clear water which reflects the light from the moon. You watching wonder as the lights from the moon, dance on the surface of the lake. It is an amazing site and everything looks so perfect.

After a while you lie down soft grass in this warm summer's evening, you take a deep breath and relax further still, feeling more peaceful than you have felt in a long time. As you gaze up at the night sky, you see the moon shining brighter than ever. The clear night sky is the rich velvet blue, and because there is no artificial light here, there are bright stars everywhere you look.

Millions of stars, illuminating the night sky and as you reflect on this scene, you begin to wonder just how far away these stars are. It almost seems beyond comprehension, that these are stars of billions of miles away in far-off galaxies and you ponder the age-old question and wonder if there is life on other planets. 

As you gaze up at the sky and marvel at the shapes of the stars, you notice the configuration of Orion. The three stars close together, surrounded by four more stars in an oblong shape. You know this configuration has a special significance as the great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt were created in alignment with the three stars. 

In astrology, Orion is known as a signpost to a place of our origin, our spiritual home, and you marvel at this amazing site and as you do you feel yourself floating out into the night sky. On a cloud of air you feel yourself being drawn towards Orion, the Orion constellation, you feel completely safe as you float up into the night sky as you know you are heading to a familiar place.

You are full of knowledge and wisdom. 

Soon you find yourself in the heart of Orion, surrounded by light and healing energy that will revitalise you and connect you with a deep feeling of unconditional love and infinite wisdom. You take a few slow deep breaths and breathe away any old hurts or fears, just let them go, release anything that is holding you back breathe it away.

Now imagine you are absorbing positive new feelings of love and wisdom and embrace a feeling of confidence and trust in life. 

You love and respect yourself.

In this special place, you connect with a feeling of knowledge and understanding, and you feel more insightful now, accepting the world as it is, good and bad. Knowing that your goal is to create more love in your lifetime and be compassionate and big hearted and generous and loving. You now understand the bigger picture and see this lifetime as a part of your ultimate journey. 

You know that the love you create will stay with you and help you to grow and develop and further your evolution where your sole becomes have a more expansive. 

You give and receive love easily. 

As these wonderful feelings sink deeply into your unconscious mind, you feel uplifted and inspired and connected to your centre, your true self, the part of you that is infinite and universal. This deep lifting feeling will stay with you and you will feel a greater sense of peace and inner calm in your everyday life. 

Although the world is very uncertain and changeable, you will remain strong and centred in the face of it all and be able to cope with stress and pressure much more easily. 

You live life with courage and confidence.

So just drift away to these special sounds now and when you wake up from this you will feel refreshed and relaxed, and so much lighter and more peaceful inside.

I wish you all the very best now love and best wishes to you.